Mission Statement (work in progress)

The DeaDCity Punk Art and Music Collective exists to support the revitalization of the DC punk/DIY (Do It Yourself) community with a creative arts focus. We want to continue to celebrate, create and participate in the rich and diverse history of the DC punk scene. We aim to provide a chance for DC punks to express ourselves in different mediums, and we intend to use this energy to support the community that we rely upon for support.

Guiding Principles (work in progress)

1. Involvement, investment, or interest in DC's punk/DIY community is the point of unity for DeaDCity. We operate with the principles of equality and respect for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, nationality, lifestyle or political affiliation.

2. It is a goal of DeaDCity to foster safe spaces, where verbal, physical, and emotional abuse is not tolerated.

3. The foundation of the collective is the DIY (Do It Yourself) ethic. Whenever possible, DeaDCity will prioritize working with individuals, organizations, and companies that are socially and environmentally responsible as well as those which are locally and/or independently owned and operated.

4. DeaDCity will strive to be a non-hierarchical collective and utilize a group-defined consensus model. We are committed to the constant self-evaluation and constructive criticism that is essential to combating informal and formal hierarchies.

5. There is no "membership" in the collective. While projects may be affiliated with the collective, people's involvement is defined solely by their participation.

6. We recognize that an emphasis on process over product, inclusionary planning, and sharing skills is vital for the survival of our community.