meetings are open, check the website for info on when the next one is!

Current working groups/Point people/Contact info:

A Bikes/Bands/Burritos Show - Sasha (
the DeaDCity Zine Project - David (
Visual Arts - Joey (
Dead City Fest - Henryhank (
Music Shows - Chris (
DC Scene Report - Mikey (
Finding a Space for the Collective - Carni (
Mission Statement/Guiding Principles - Beck (

Funds/treasury - Mikey (
Yardsale/Bakesale/Show in late June - MIkey (

to join the collective's list serve, e-mail

The listserve exists ONLY for meeting announcements, not discussion.
Working groups will communicate amongst themselves, and if you have a question,
e-mail a point person, NOT the whole group.

if you have questions about, or something you want added to, this website, e-mail